iPhones for Electronic Data Capture in Clinical Trials?

Could it make sense to use iPhones for electronic data capture in clinical trials? On a whim some folks at our office decided to try using OpenClinica from their iPhones. We were quite impressed with the results and found the application works very well as is from this device. See for yourself!

3 thoughts on “iPhones for Electronic Data Capture in Clinical Trials?

  1. Just to confirm and highlight the possibilities. I’ve been using my Palm Treo 650 to access an OpenClinica test site in the US from KENYA (using the local mobile operator Safaricom’s GPRS data service) for about the past six months and it works fine. Just imagine what a little bit of modification for the smaller form factor could achieve!!

    Best wishes


  2. Very useful video. But man for the folks in Mumbai in India it will be too expensive to use iPhones because it will cost more Rs. 31000/- over here its 3 times more pricey than it is in USA.
    So we still have to use it on our pc.

  3. hi,

    how does open clinica work and would i have to design the CRF on my iphone.

    Greag , I am also a kenyan. Can you email me and let me know what you are trying to do with EDC with iphone?


    I can be reached at knhansra@hotmail.com

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