Video Demos: Printing Subject Casebooks, Blank Casebooks and Blank CRFs

We’re in the process of updating our documentation to include video demos of various OpenClinica features. Take a look at the video links below on printing subject casebooks and CRFs for a taste of what’s to come – and learn something cool in the process!

Printing a Subject Casebook is a great, though much overlooked feature of OpenClinica. First introduced in OpenClinica 3.2, this feature allows you to print a Subject’s entire casebook, including all the data entered for that Subject. You have various output formats and options to include the audit history and notes and discrepancies in the results. The Subject’s data, metadata, and provenance data – it’s all there, from start to finish. It’s easy to view online, and formatted beautifully for printing. Just for fun, we tossed in demos on printing blank casebooks and blank CRF pages as well.

Check out the videos below and…happy printing!


3 thoughts on “Video Demos: Printing Subject Casebooks, Blank Casebooks and Blank CRFs

  1. So there is still no option to print an annotated CRF? Why isn’t there an item name field when printing a blank casebook, since the group name is displayed.

    1. Hi S. You are correct. However, annotations exist in the subject casebook, above to each of the line items in a CRF, similar to the Excel file, which contains the annotations in the first column.

      See image:

      Thank you!

  2. Yep, printing is good, but it still means, if we need real annotated CRF, we have to add item names manually, what could be really time consuming for a bigger CRF and to do it every time we do some change in the eCRF. Are you planning to add the option of printing an annotated CRF? I think everybody would really appreciate this option!

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